Cameron Highlands Treehouse Visit - Nicky-Alex

Treehouses are cool. Lets just establish that. Anything done in a treehouse is always better than doing the same thing in a normal house; cooking, sleeping, playing are all improved the higher up a tree you are. So when the option to stay in a treehouse came up while we were researching accommodation options in the Cameron Highlands it was an instant and exciting decision.
After an energising walk uphill for 20 minutes from where the 4WD dropped us, in the company of our hostess Ho, we were shown to our treehouse. The treehouses are great, perched high up on a hillside attached to living trees and surrounded by rainforest and an organic vegetable farm. Best of all, it was cold! Well, not hot, its not like it was going to snow or anything, but there was a definite chill in the air which there has not been since we arrived in February.

Our treehouse

Isla and Coralie explore the treehouse

Our two little girls Isla (4) and Coralie (nearly 2) were thrilled as we settled into the house, they were clambering up ladders, laying claim to the double bed and investigating the nooks and crannies of the unusual surroundings.
We spent the afternoon playing on the swings and hammocks that are attached to every suitable bough before heading down to the communal kitchen hut where we had to cook our own dinner from ingredients grown on the farm. A deliciously all organic vegetarian meal materialised from the kitchen courtesy of our travelling companions (useful to bring those) and we ate by the light of a campfire.

We slept well, the coolness made a difference, although the jungle sure is noisy at night time! A cacophony of chirps, grunts, whoops, pitter-patters, and thumps went on all night leading up to an amazing dawn chorus of birds and then finally the sound of construction equipment for the forest clearing activity down the valley - oh well it was beautiful while it lasted.

The purpose of the treehouses on Terra’s Farm and is to allow you to spend time in reasonable comfort in the forest and understand what it can provide. For me it is an obviously precious treasure, and I loved spending time in it and the adventure of treehouse living.